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What is this?

This is the project for the university.

So what exactly is it going to do?



freekiwiki will allow a person to publish a freesite with the Wiki content, that can be edited anonymously via Freenet.

Technical ideas can be viewed here (not yet available).

Who is the client?

Freenet community and users (including administrators) of Wikis that are likely to be censored.

If you operate a Wiki and would like to be part of the testing team, please contact me.

Wikis that have already volunteered to be test subjects:


How can we order you around?

Go and submit a Feature Request.

Please refrain from saying things like “It´s impossible” or “I just want a dbr site with the NIMble”. Also don´t try to be too technical, tell me what you want on the user end, and i´ll try to figure out the way how to make it work.

Choice of the programming language

Also please keep in mind that for the large part the programming language (Java) has already been made. I want freekiwiki to be packaged with Freenet eventually, and the developers there have made a decision not to include anything unless it´s in Java.

How can we give you tons of money and fame?

For the money part, you can donate via

As for the fame, you can do the following things:

  1. Tell me that you are interested in using this software, and possibly want to be a tester.
  2. Tell your friends and acquaintances about this project.
  3. Tell your comrades about it too, while you are at it.
  4. Link to this page from your web page.

How can we contact you?

Will you keep us updated?

News are available through:

Are you breaking any laws?

Legal disclaimer

The only political statement that i am making by this project is my belief in freedom of expression. I do not condemn nor condone any other activity, whether or not it is associated with Freenet or Wiki sites. My choices of Wikis that are (will be) used for testing are guided by technical difficulty of using them, probability of them being censored, and timing of their request to become a tester.

Legal notices

Term MediaWiki and MediaWiki logo are trademarks of MediaWiki.

Freenet, The Free Network project, and The Free Network logo are trademarks of The Free Network Project.

Image of the wolf is taken from Wikipedia Commons and is under GNU Free Document License.

This software will be distributed under the GPL v 2.0 or later.

This site is distributed under “de-facto anonymous licence” (do as you will, but know that it will be done to you).